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Effective Child Custody, Divorce and Family Law Attorney since 1982

Offering a free 30 minute initial consultation

Flagstaff Custody, Divorce and Family Law Attorney Gary E. Robbins has been an attorney for over thirty-nine years, has handled child custody cases for over thirty-four years, and has been a resident of Coconino County for over twenty-three years.  He is member of the State Bar of Arizona which allows him to practice law before all state courts in Arizona.  Since 1982, he has represented hundreds of parents and children in custody, divorce and family law matters.  He also worked for two years as a Staff Attorney for the Arizona Court of Appeals in 1979 to 1981 before he went to work in private practice.  

Gary E. Robbins, P.C. offers a free half-hour consultation in a Custody, Divorce or Family Law area, upon request, within 24 hours of a potential client calling him, and sometimes in a couple of hours on the same day that you call.  We know that when you are hurting, it is important that you see a legal professional as soon as possible.  

Sometimes he is able to solve problems within the free half hour consultation.  If not, then you will know what are your best options to move forward.  Mr. Robbins' commitment is that you leave his office in better shape than you were when you came to see him, regardless of if you hire him.  

Mr. Robbins limits his practice to Custody, Divorce and Family Law cases such as divorce, paternity, orders of protection, relocation issues, guardianship, severance of parental rights, dependency, and grandparent visitation cases.  Mr. Robbins also limits his cases to Coconino County, Arizona.  He has practiced in Coconino County since 1992 and is well aware of the preferences of the family law judge who he has appeared before hundreds of times.  (His office is across the street from the

Courthouse in Flagstaff, Arizona, which allows for immediate review of the Court's file and exhibits in Coconino County cases.)